JP Software Technologies has designed a Hospital Management System keeping in view the requirements of clinics and hospitals. It is state of the art software that has been designed after extensive research and has integrated all the facilities required by a hospital. The Hospital Management System software is quite flexible to use and is scalable in design.


Key Features

  1. This software maintains records of all the departments in a hospital which include different wards, labs, medical store, billing department & many more facilities.
  2. The software integrates a variety of systems used in a hospital such as inventory management, financial management, front office management etc.
  3. The integration helps to provide all the updated information in one place
  4. The Hospital Management System is accurate, reliable and it is very easy to retrieve stored information.
  5. Reduces the amount of paper work.
  6. Helps in better utilization of resources
  7. Helps in improving patient services and improves security of patient data