Jewelry Software, there are all necessary features required in jewelry business i.e. Bar-coding, Imaging, Return & Repair, Approval, Purchase & Planning’s, Tray Stocks, Finance, Crate- wise Stock Management, Karigar Account, Girvi, Kitty Maintenance and many more for running this business smoothly.


Computerization Benefits of Jewellery Software

  • Impressive, Easy & Fast billing.
  • Reduce Time to attend costumer
  • No calculation mistake
  • Daily Account maintenance(Balance Sheet) easy
  • Balance, Order, Girvi Reminders
  • Manage Jewellery Stock according to weight/Peace/Ct wise.
  • Manage Karigar account, repairing stock and order stock.
  • Making charge, wastage, costing Maintain purity wise.
  • Modernized Showroom Management
  • Reduce Time to stock Tally
  • Effective Purchase management to reduce costing
  • Customers Satisfaction & Business Improvement

Billing Features

  • Very easy & very Fast Billing with minimum Enter Required
  • Easy calculations and adjustment of old Gold, Advance, metal and Replacement
  • Ornament images on sale bill and stock as well
  • We can maintain diamond/stone/making rate and wastage of our regular customer
  • Customer Data base maintain
  • Barcode/Item Code/Item Name wise Search
  • Cash, Credit, Panel wise Bill / Approval
  • Attract Customers i.e., Card/Point System
  • Various type of Discounts & Schemes
  • Flexibility in Stock for Govt. Employees Bills
  • Multiple Series & Wholesale Billing Option
  • Multiple Customers Billing at same time on single PC
  • Switch over from Sale to Purc. to Sale to anywhere
  • Family Group Option for Credit Sales
  • Credit Card Sales & Online Bank Status

Office Location : Jabalpur

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