JDA WMS is global leader in warehouse management system helps you optimize cost and service level in your everyday warehouse operations.


Introduction to JDA WMS Warehouse management system

JDA WMS  warehouse management software gives industry best platform to increase your labor utilization, reduce obsolescence and leverage available capacities while driving best in class customer service levels. Our wms system is powered with artificial intelligence that will transform  your warehouse drastically in the near future to a more digital environment.

Key features of WMS Software

  1. Configurable workflows and extensibility to personalize solution without customization
  2. Cloud or SaaS based deployment options for lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and faster speed to value
    Management and support of a wide range of automation
  3. Standard APIs for integration to OMS, Logistyx and Centiro to support unified commerce fulfillment
  4. Integrated labor productivity and profitability through engineering standards in a unified commerce context
  5. Persona based user experience and mobile enabled
  6. Dynamic task management