iXpert ERP


iXpert ERP is offers Enterprise-wide integrated accounting with payroll and other functions. Ready-to-implement for any business of all kinds and sizes.


Introduction to iXpert ERP

Ixpert  ERP is a All-in-one management software providing everything needed for comprehensive managing any businesses. It is a modular software integrated with one another modules. Easy to implement and work.

Key Features of iXpert ERP

  1. Barcode generation, printing and scanning
  2. Promotions schemes and offers
  3. Price lists for dealers, distributors etc
  4. Store-in-store
  5. Customer feedback
  6. Material planning with availability checking and ordering
  7. Centralised Purchases
  8. Free issues, offers tracking
  9. Bundling and debundling
  10. Ageing, sales trend analysis
  11. Multiple locations
  12. Location transfers with issue and receipt
  13. Multiple counters with closing and shift tracking
  14. Multiple Units of Measurement(UOM)
  15. Salesmen commission
  16. Financial Accounting integrated with POS and MMS modules
  17. Integrated GST Module
  18. Accounts Receivable and Payable
  19. Final Accounts updated realtime
  20. User defined reporting
  21. Invoice/voucher designer
  22. Integrated BI tool