ITS – Support Software


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Call Entry Screen

  1. Select the customer name.
  2. A list of last five pending calls displays.
  3. Date, time of call, name of customer, type of problem, type of contract with the customer etc. displays.
  4. The new problems details are registered.
  5. Details of the problems that are solved through phone calls are registered.
  6. Provides user to enlist the details of how the repair is done, the time taken, what repair has been done, by whom etc. and if the repair status is undone then why and by what time it could be solved etc.
  7. Provides details of all the products of the company that has been given to customer as standby product, for the time, their product complaint has not been solved.

Login Screen

  1. Each user would be provided with login name and password through which they have access to the software.
  2. The users are classified as administrator,manager and clients etc. based on the roles assigned to them.

Call Manager

  1. The authorized person can view details of all the pending calls.
  2. Then accordingly assign the calls to employees depending on the priority and complexity of the work to be done.
  3. The manager can monitor the progress of the work done as well as of the pending ones.
  4. The manager can open new call, reopen calls if some problem arises in the already closed call or can closed a pending call after the work is done.

Customer Profile

  1. Includes all the details of the customer,the type of contracts & period.
  2. Provides facility for adding ,removing and stopping the contracts.

Assets Entry and Service Provider

  1. Details of the product as its name, manufacturing details, installation date at the customer terminal, model name etc. can be stored.
  2. Modification and deletion of the products is possible.
  3. Includes details of warranty period for the product and the name of the person who installs the product.
  4. Can modify and view the service provider details as well as the charges required for the same.


  1. List of all the products that belong to the company.
  2. List of customers raising calls.
  3. Maximum number of call raised customers list.
  4. Pending calls list.
  5. Standby products list.
  6. Charges incurred during this process.
  7. About the income for the company etc .