iStorePRO adds value to your operations by giving you complete and transparent control over your end to end warehouse operations. Instead of traditionally managing a warehouse; iStorePRO brings in “Intelligence to Warehouse Operations” to create an “Intelligent Warehouse”


iStorePRO is a state of the art completely modular, configurable, cost effective and easy to use warehouse intelligence system created by bringing together decades of experience in warehousing domain possessed by Storage Solutions and expertise in conceiving, developing and implementing cutting edge warehouse management systems in Middle East markets possessed by Gemini Software Solutions.

Key Features

  1. Plan for incoming material – iStorePRO lets you map your storage locations onto the software along with location filters and helps you auto allocate optimal locations prior to physical receipt.
  2. Receive goods efficiently – You can capture inbound details through barcodes, information exchange with other manufacturing software or do a manual entry
  3. Assign operator to racking list – iStorePRO helps you in optimal utilization of available warehouse personnel and equipment.
  4. Handle multiple receipts simultaneously
  5. Ensure best location to goods – iStorePRO has configurable in-built filters that can do a host of checks before assigning goods to location