Why Software Streets Is The Best Platform To Submit Your Software?


Software development is becoming a more popular phenomenon. With the adequate knowledge, almost anyone can create a software like Paywall for WooCommerce. It only takes time, persistent efforts and dedication to learn how to write codes. There are even no code platforms where individuals can create software for various purposes. It can be mobile applications that can be used on phones and computers. Besides applications, no code platforms can also be used to create supporting software like Woocommerce Whatsapp order.

The aim of developing software with codes or through no code platforms is to offer it to users. Developers often create software with a target audience in mind. After creating the software, the next step is to find the right platform to submit that software for sale or free if you are offering it for free. If that software is not a mobile app, developers face significant challenges selling their software. They are sometimes scammed of their hard earned effort.

Software developers need a credible and trusted platform for submitting their projects for sale. Software Streets is one of the best platforms for submitting software for sale. It is trusted by both software developers as well as software users. Here are some reasons why software Streets is the best platform to submit your software.

Credible Platform

Software Streets was founded in 2016 and has  gone on to become one of the biggest software marketplaces in the world. It is an India based software marketplace that connects buyers and sellers of business related software. This platform is listed as a trusted platform by Crunchbase alongside companies like Airtel, Newgen, Coforge, etc as one of the best software companies in New Delhi. Its reputation is formed on the foundation of credibility.

The company is a registered company and meets the requirements needed to operate as a corporation. A company that has made significant efforts to prove itself true will always protect its credibility. In this regards, software streets thoroughly screen all softwares before uploading them for buyers to access. Passing the screening process means that your software is of good quality. With a quality software, developers will not find it difficult selling their software on Software Streets.


To buy software from Software Streets, buyers will search for the type of software they need and will be presented with related software as results. After checking the results, buyers can scroll through them and access their various features. Buyers will then proceed to select the software they prefer and buy it.

The major reason why Software Streets is considered as a credible platform is the security it provides to both the buyers and the sellers. Before users will buy a software, they will be given a demo version to use for a specific period. This trial version is monitored by the platform to ensure that it does not exceed the demo period. The essence of the demo version is to ensure that the software actually works for the buyer.


Software Streets is a very transparent software marketplace. It does not just serve as a marketplace for buying and selling, but ensures to help both parties transact smoothly. Their trading processes and policies are fair and without any form of complications. Once a buyer completes the process of buying a software, the developer or the seller gets paid immediately. Software Streets does not input any hidden fees or additional charges. Sellers or developers have access to the state of their software. They can easily ascertain the number of buyers using some demo versions, the number of buyers making purchases and every other necessary detail.

Software Streets is the best platform for software developers or sellers. It plays active roles in ensuring the security of developers or seller. There are fewer software marketplaces that offer what Software Streets is offering to software developer. Visit Software Streets today and submit your software.