Conversion Hacks to Double Your website Conversions


Conversion Hacks to Double Your website Conversions

Many of our readers ask us how to improve the conversion rate of their online stores. Let us assist you if you are having difficulty figuring out how to increase your eCommerce conversion rates. Optimizing your conversion rate is the key to increasing revenue for your store. All your efforts to drive traffic to your site and make sales will be wasted if no one buys anything. We will be sharing a few eCommerce hacks that can help you double your conversions within minutes.

Notify your customers with the recent sale notifications

It is the first eCommerce hack. Recent sale notifications popups can increase conversions significantly. These popups are notifications that appear automatically on your website and indicate that another user has purchased a product in the last few minutes. These notifications are great at instilling urgency so that your visitors take immediate action.

Have you thought of a sales countdown timer?

Displaying limited-time deals with countdown timers is a quick way to increase conversions. Countdown timers can create urgency and scarcity in users, which will increase your store’s conversion rate. You can add a timer on the top of the webpage to indicate when it is ending soon or when stock is running out.

Be honest, and show product reviews.

Did you know that customer reviews and ratings could increase your conversion rates by up to 250%? You can increase your conversions by adding product reviews and authentic customer reviews. These reviews assure customers that they have made the right decision. You can easily add images, stars, and pros to any post.

Spin the wheel and win discounts

A spin-the-wheel popup is a simple way to increase conversions in eCommerce. It works by using the principle of game mechanics. Your brain releases dopamine when you win a prize by spinning a wheel. This hormone makes you feel great. Your visitors can win discounts, free shipping, or other deals. To try their luck, they need to enter their email address.

Inform your visitors of the popular deals

You can display top-selling products from your store to your customers on a full-screen welcome rug. These popups slide over to take up the entire screen of your user’s device. The popup hides any other content in your store until the user scrolls down or opts out. Welcome mats that are full-screen help to grab your visitors’ attention. You can narrow down their choices by displaying your most popular products and offers.

Why do you not add images and videos?

Images make a big difference in eCommerce conversions. If you do not visualize the product you are purchasing, it is a leap in faith. Your visitors will be more likely to buy if it is easy. You can give your customers the confidence to buy by adding high-quality images of your products. You can add videos to demonstrate a product or explain its uses and features. Engaging customers with videos have been proven to increase engagement.

Enhance your product descriptions

Your product descriptions should be more detailed. Before they buy your product, they want to see what you have available, whether it meets their needs, etc. It is important to include basic details such as size, weight, and color. You can talk about the product’s origin, how it will benefit your customers.

Live chat helps a lot in conversion.

A live chat feature is another eCommerce trick that will simplify your checkout process. A live chat feature on an eCommerce website can bring many benefits. Live chats allow customers to ask questions and provide information about the products. They can also help them navigate through the checkout process.

Product tags and faster navigation

Your eCommerce site must be easy to navigate if you want to increase conversions. If the online stores are disorganized, customers will have difficulty finding the products they want. Adding product tags to your eCommerce store navigation can be a simple way to increase conversions. It not only increases conversions but also boosts your store’s SEO practices. Customers prefer to shop online on sites that are secure and safe.You can do this by adding security badges to your eCommerce store. Security seals like McAfee and Norton can be added to product pages, checkout pages, and your homepage footer. A Word Press plugin is available from many security companies that allow you to add trust seals anywhere on your website.

How fast is your eCommerce website?

The speed at which your website loads is crucial to improving your conversion rate. An online site speed report can help you determine how fast your pages are loading on desktop and mobile. Other important metrics such as server response time or time to interact are also included in the report. You can also get suggestions for improving each of these metrics. Make sure your eCommerce store loads in less than 3 seconds.

Have you included the mobile-first method?

Mobile commerce is increasing. A vast majority of internet users in the US alone have made online purchases using a mobile device. A mobile-friendly eCommerce website has 67% more chance of a conversion. Websites that are not mobile-friendly have a 61% more chance of visitors leaving and buying from another website. In 2020 and beyond, optimizing for mobile is essential. Your conversion rates will increase, and so will your average order values.

Do not overflow your website design.

Your website should be clutter-free. Make the most of whitespace on your website and limit the use of visuals. Make it easy for visitors and optimize your site structure. Visitors can quickly get distracted if your eCommerce website has too many flashing lights and bells. It allows customers to concentrate on your company’s products and value proposition, which will convince them to purchase. Simple designs load quicker, which is related to another trick – improve your page loading speed.


If you do not know how your users interact with your site, increasing your conversion rate won’t be easy. How can you tell where users are getting confused? Website analysis tools allow you to see screen recordings of visitors to your website. It is time to review your content offerings. Are they in line with your audience’s needs? Are they compelling and creative? Are the offers appropriate for the page?