Innova with its expert team helps clients to integrate systems ultimately helping in develop better business process overall increasing the efficiency of the organization. Innova with its ability to come up with innovative solutions develops, design and delivers cost-effective technology-enabled solutions; giving the clients not just an enhanced system of working but also the ability to develop it further. Innova has a team made-up of diverse backgrounds and years of industry experience that help them in set a benchmark that not many can match.


IT solutions provider agency it is our utmost duty to make sure that our clients are using the latest technology and in the most optimized manner. With a varied and skilled team, Innova has the ability to integrate applications across different platforms without much of hassle thus increasing the productivity and profitability of the clients.

  1. Server/ Storage/ Back up Solution
  2. Desktop / Laptops
  3. Thin Client / Multi Seat Computing
  4. Printing & Imaging Solution
  5. Networking / Security Solutions
  6. UPS/ stabilizers / Power Solutions
  7. Software Sales

Our Services

  1. Client’s IT architecture is not over-crowded, scalable and performs at optimal levels all the time
  2. The IT infrastructure developed by the client or them delivers the desired result
  3. There is no compromise in Security, Reliability and Availability
  4. Optimum utilization of available IT resources
  5. Not going with the word-of-mouth, Innova makes sure that their choose the most suitable technology for the client rather than the best one available
  6. Integrating all the systems with the latest technology as and when there is an update