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One of the main concerns of any business is the security of their data. In order to understand where they fall short, it is essential that a professional Security Consultant works along with them to provide them with all the necessary information that they need to know. This also gives them an insight as well as in dept analysis of what all steps and preventive measures they would need to take in order to ensure the safety of the vital information that is saved on the main server of the customer’s business.


Immunity Networks understands that for a business, the data or information of the organization is very crucial and has to be protected at any cost, that is why our company provides its customers a security consulting service wherein we inform the customer the importance of ensuring proper Security measure to prevent any kind of loss. This is done with the help of the following methods:

A penetration test
Under this method we analysis the loop holes that are there in the security system of the company’s IT infrastructure. This is done by our technical experts who have been trained especially for this job. This is generally done from our office so that we get a better understanding of what gaps are there with the customer’s present security system.

A review of the company’s devices and networks
With the help of the present networking systems and devices which are present with the customer, we go ahead and check the IT infrastructure to ensure that the customer has everything that they need to cater to their security concerns. This is done working along with the concern team of the customer’s business.

On site evaluation and consultation
Apart from the testing which can be done from outside, our experts even go ahead and do an onsite evaluation to ensure that everything is intact. During the consultation process, our experts will not just talk to the IT team members of the company however they themselves will conduct their own research and analysis to ensure that the client gets a proper report about the concerns and queries they have when it comes to data security.

All out technical experts are well trained and understand the privacy of the customer’s data. There are no compromises made in the quality of the services that we provide our customers. Each of them are well rooted with their technical skills and are also up to date with the latest technology advancements and products. They also receive special training to ensure that they work according to the guidelines of our company when they are conducting a Security consulting session.

Immunity Networks is a company which always find ways in improving the services and consultation so that the customer’s get what they need when they sit down with one of our technical experts. We love to take up on new challenges when it comes to Security Consulting for all our customer’s be it new or old

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