IISA is a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company, with a strong team of Professionals serving clients in various countries. 


Our BPM services are positioned to help customers realize improved business performance, high operational efficiency, streamlined processes and agility. We offer BPM services across all stages of the BPM life cycle. This includes guiding customers on how to start BPM initiatives, define a BPM strategy, process re-design, optimize and implement business processes. Our service offerings include:

  1.  Process modeling: Discovery and definition of the process (as-is and to-be) using a UI tool.
  2.  Process Engine: This runs the process modelled n UI, allows for management and co-ordination of the process while also providing for effecting dynamic change in the process.
  3.  Rules Engine: It interprets and executes the business rules, which are an integral part of any business process.
  4.  Reporting and analysis tools: Report on process performance based on validation against a pre-defined set of metrics.
  5.  Administration: Effecting changes in the process depending on the feedback received from the reporting and analysis tools.