ICT Health provides smart information and clinical technology solutions that help healthcare professionals instantly access vital information from patients, medical devices, laboratories, radiology systems, and pharmacies, thereby enabling the most appropriate clinical intervention based on the most relevant patient information, at the point of care. HINAI Web has enabled healthcare delivery organizations achieve safer and more efficient patient care, reduced length of stay, while simultaneously ensuring improved revenue cycle management.


Key Benefits

  1.  HINAI is built on open standards and web technologies, ensuring a significantly reduced total cost of ownership
  2.  Supports all databases, deployed on any platforms, runs on all internet browsers, making it a true database and platform independent solution
  3.  The application can be configured in a central server so that all the Client machines can access the same using internet browsers
  4.  Supports any chosen service provider with respect to application servers, DB servers, web servers etc
  5.  Offers Workflow & Rule Engine support
  6.  Provisions Architectural scalability by clustering and load balancing
  7.  The Layered design of the application offers flexibility towards changes and customization