GoCheetah is tech-enabled logistics tracking platform. Our mission is to aggregate Commercial Vehicles providing transport logistics on our platform to fulfill the transportation needs of end-users and business owners.


Why GoCheetah?

  1. Reduce cost
  2. Real time location tracking
  3. Trained logistics and support staff
  4. Option to choose vehicles at ease

GoCheetah Advantages

GoCheetah delivers unmatchable services and set the standards high for the logistics industry owing to multiple advantages:

✔ Transparent pricing, easy payment and easier refunds
✔ Web, App and API based simple to use interfaces
✔ Seamlessly caters to small and bulk orders
✔ Customized MIS as per business needs
✔ Synchronize demand and supply
✔ Urgent and responsive network
✔ Efficient driver settlement
✔ Dynamic job assignment

Office Location : Noida

Source : http://www.zensoftware.in





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