GFI Network Server Monitor


GFI Network Server Monitor™ scans your network for failures or irregularities. GFI Network Server Monitor scans automatically so you can identify issues and fix unexpected problems before your users (or managers) even know they’ve happened.


Key Features

  1. Enterprise class architecture
  2. Includes checks for Exchange 2000/2003, ISA server, IIS and others
  3. Performs administrative steps to ensure that a service is running
  4. Takes corrective action automatically
  5. Alert notification via email, pager or SMS
  6. Built-in computer monitor functions
  7. Built in Internet service functions
  8. Support for SQL Server/MS Access as a database backend
  9. Monitors terminal servers by actually logging in
  10. Monitor your database servers (SQL/ODBC)
  11. Monitor Linux servers
  12. View network status from anywhere in the world
  13. Monitor remote event logs
  14. Monitor processes, services performance and CPU usage
  15. Custom network monitoring using VBScript and SSH
  16. Monitor users, groups and other Active Directory information
  17. Competitively priced
  18. Nested folder support
  19. Configure maintenance periods to avoid alerts being sent during scheduled maintenance
  20. Advanced logging options to text file or event log
  21. Configure dependencies to avoid multiple alerts for error conditions dependent on each other
  22. Monitor network printer status
  23. Reporting – includes reports that detail the availability of your network resources; alternatively, use Crystal Reports to access the database and create your own reports
  24. Monitoring checks wizard that easily configures new checks for your present systems
  25. Accommodates employee shifts: GFI Network Server Monitor can notify different people depending on the time at which the check triggered
  26. Support for virtual environments