Genius Software


Genius software is maintaining a comprehensive database of clients, including their address and telephone information, partners’ details, and signatory information, It is a well know tax return filing software.


A Genius would be the effective tax return filing software since the assessment year 2001-02, it is best suited for tax professionals in India. The software furnishes unlimited customer income return filing of income tax, TDS, AIR/SFT, etc, and secures an updated taxation procedure.

The Genius comprises a total of 6 modules along with GEN BAL (Balance Sheet), GEN IT (Income Tax), GEN CMA, GEN FORM MANAGER, GEN TDS (Tax Deducted at Source), and AIR/SFT. Backup, Restore, and Password Settings would be some of the features which the Genius tax return software provides and thus count it as the best taxation software in India.

Our tax return software would indeed be skilled with income and TDS e-payment with the support of software without securing actually visiting the income tax department website. The Genius tax software comprises tax return filing of Income Tax, e-TDS(Tax Deducted at Source), Bal, and Form manager which comprises all the corresponding Company Law drafts with the utility to develop new forms.

Key Features of Genius Software

  1. Easy ITR Filing
  2. Various Tax Audit Forms
  3. Old and New GST Billing
  4. Backup and Restore Facility
  5. Client Report and Backup