Gen XBRL Software


Gen XBRL Software can prove to be an effective tool for the professionals like Company Secretaries and Chartered Accountants. The software saves time when preparing and e-filing balance sheets and profit & loss accounts in the XBRL format.


For the professionals such as Company Secretaries and Chartered Accountants, Gen XBRL Software would be proven to be an effective tool. The software saves time on preparation and e–filing of the balance sheet, profit & loss A/c in the latest XBRL format. XBRL return software would make you able to perform the aforementioned specified chores in a simpler way.

Now you are needed to make XML for accounting standards and Indian accounting standards (IND AS) including XML for both standalone and consolidated financial statements. Our XBRL filing software would get regularly updated within time and is more user-friendly. The same update shall be on the grounds of the MCA business rules and taxonomy. Our software for the XBRL could operate the import as well as export of XML of the existing year or former year in a simpler way. The major operation that our software could perform is that it makes company-wise backup and restoration and directly validate the XML prepared from any other vendor’s software along with the generation of the PDF file of XML with the validation. An individual could resolve all the issues concerned with the XBRL format files by following the below-mentioned procedure.

Gen XBRL Software Features

  1. XBRL Cost Audit
  2. MCA Validation Tool
  3. Import/Export Facility
  4. Generate XML File
  5. Annual Form (AOC-4 With XBRL, CRA-4, etc)
  6. e-Filing Balance Sheets & Profit & Loss