Fracton’s MaxCell is a multi-vendor & multi-technology automated solution that dynamically optimizes key cell database parameters at cell level, thereby boosting system performance while minimizing CapEx & OpEx. It is designed to integrate into the operators’ existing system and fully automates the overall parameter optimization process, resulting in a continuous cycle of network optimization. 


Areas of Focus

  1. Dynamically Redistribution of traffic, in order to reduce the need for hardware upgrades in the network
  2. Continuous adaptation of traffic management related parameters in order to improve quality indicators and end user experience
  3. Optimizing key cell database parameters, including the ones controlling GSM-UMTS iRAT handovers.
  4. Shift traffic from GSM 900 to GSM 1800 optimally
  5. Optimizing the Idle mode performance which offers coverage enhancement

Key Benefits

  1. Enhanced network performance
  2. Significant CapEx reduction – Intelligent traffic management techniques improve the utilization of existing resources
  3. Dramatic reduction in OpEx