forBinary is world’s first multilingual apps as service platform. We enable organizations and governments to connect with their audience and improve their core processes through useful and multilingual apps. 


Key Features

  1. Showcase products to prospective clients, send and receive real time communication
  2. Keep a track of work in your organisation and ensure increased productivity
  3. Analyse all data at one place, forget the hassle of paper and multiple platforms
  4. Manage your workforce efficiently, allocate work and receive status updates
  5. Segregate employees into teams and send targeted communication
  6. Give employees a platform to reach out to you and improve work culture and productivity
  7. Be a part of the Digital India movement and forget the hassle of paperwork
  8. Let citizens know of initiatives and developments through regular alerts
  9. Give citizens a medium to share feedback and grievances to increase their confidence
  10. Take the lead by adopting technology to solve everyday problems
  11. Keep your audience updated with regular communication
  12. Build a smart brand that customers trust; Automate core processes easily
  13. Send Instant Communication with Notifications
  14. Choose the Recipients as You Wish
  15. Attach URLs, Images and PDFs
  16. Build Customised Forms
  17. Get Alerts on Submissions and Analyse Data submitted
  18. Fill Forms Offline
  19. Organise and Showcase Important Information
  20. Create Customised Sections and Pages
  21. Access Information at all Times, Including Offline