Finabile Lending Software


Habile technologies offers finabile, the best lending software for financial sectors. Our solution has been created using cutting edge technologies to meet your competitive needs.


Introduction to Finabile Lending Software

Finabile Lending Software is a complete loan origination software with a built-in analytical model for client onboarding, documentation and integrated e-KYC solution which could be used as it is or can be customized to meet your special need.

Features of Finabile Lending Software

  1. Loan Origination
  2. Loan Management
  3. Collection Management
  4. Accounting Management
  5. Reports and dashboard
  6. Mobile App

Who can use Finabile lending software

  1. Non-Banking Financial Companies
  2. Private Lenders
  3. Micro Financial Institutions
  4. Alternate Lenders
  5. P2P Lending
  6. Credit Unions
  7. Non-Government Organisations – SHG
  8. Nidhi Companies




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