Fedena is an award winning all-in-one school and college automation software. It will automate every functions and will generate insightful reports to make better decision.


Introduction to Fedena

Fedena is an web based award winning comprehensive student information system. User friendly School ERP software for the next generation of educational institutions. It is trusted by 40,000+ institutes and 20 million+ users across the globe.

Why fedna ERP Software

The basic version of our ERP Software is Open Source code and is free of charge. This allows you to create your own student information system or plugins to customize or increase the basic functionality without changing the basic source code, which is always advantageous. This offers you to tweak Fedena to equal your specific systems and processes.

Our School management software was created to be simple to use. people with a basic knowledge of computers and email can start using it within 10 minutes.

Features of our school automation software

Our School ERP System offers convenient user interface with login access for students, teachers, non-teaching staff, guardians and management people of your school or institution. The numerous modules available in Fedena ease all the processes of your educational institution, from admission of new students to creating transfer certificates when students finish their studies.