Farming 3.0 support farmers to take decisions on several aspects on farming like Agronomy, Nutrient management, pest and disease management.


Introduction to Farming.ai

Farming 3.0 is iConcept’s flagship digital agriculture initiative. We believe relevant data, contextual content and timely delivery of information can make farming a profitable venture.

Key Features

  1. Simple Signup
  2. Basic Info Of The Farm
  3. Farm Context Setup
  4. Ask Any Question Related To Tomato
  5. AI Enabled BOT
  6. Understands Farm Context And Responds
  7. View Golden Points Related To Farm
  8. Market Prices
  9. Weather Forecast
  10. Farmer Information
  11. Farm Information
  12. Notifications
  13. Package Of Practices As Per Stage Of The Crop
  14. Calendar Of Operations Respective To Farm