Expleo Solutions previously known as SQS India. Expleo Solutions offering Management consulting for Digital Transformation, Quality Services & End-to-end Integrated Engineering.


Introduction to Expleo Solutions

Expleo is a trusted solution partner for end-to-end, integrated engineering, quality services and management consulting for digital transformation. We offer businesses harness unrelenting technological change to successfully deliver innovations that will help them gain a competitive advantage and improve the everyday lives of people around the globe. We have presence in over 30 countries.

Expleo Industry Experience

  1. Space and Defence
  2. Telecoms and Media
  3. Automotive
  4. Healthcare & Pharmaceutical
  5. Public Sector
  6. Insurance
  7. Smart Services
  8. Retail and Logistics
  9. Rail Transportation
  10. Energy and Utilities
  11. Gaming
  12. Industrial
  13. Naval
  14. Aeronautics
  15. Banking & Financial Services

Explepo Services

  1. Business agility
  2. Digital business
  3. Transformation delivery
  4. Design
  5. Production
  6. In-service support
  7. Quality engineering
  8. Quality management
  9. Quality testing
  10. Quality competency centers
  11. DevOps
  12. Test automation
  13. Process automation
  14. COVID-19 mobile contact tracing
  15. Training Academy
  16. Cyber Security