Exotel – Cloud Telephone


Every business, regardless of its length have to be able to utilise features like IVR, call Recordings to sound professional and serve their customers better. We believe that we are at the leading edge of some thing huge. Cloud telephony is poised to change the way businesses function.


As the market moved towards “Uberisation” of businesses, the number of businesses whose monetization depended on successfully connecting a buyer and a seller has pushed cloud telephony to new limits.

Today, cloud telephony is being used to power a lot of unique use cases:

  1. Supporting field workforce like delivery agents, salespersons, servicemen, etc.
  2. Safeguarding customer privacy (what is colloquially called Number Masking)
  3. In marketplaces to connect a buyer and a seller
  4. Automated calling using APIs
  5. Improving operational efficiency and agent productivity in all of the above-mentioned cases

Source : https://exotel.in