We’re problem solvers. Let us put our minds together to enhance your facility controls, and watch as everything becomes easier, smarter and more efficient. We can work with your existing system, or build something entirely new, just for you.


System Integration

System Level Integration: We design custom integration solutions that allow communications between disparate devices and manufacturers. We have designed a system that allows us to use one controller to manage multiple other devices and controllers to gather relevant data from each source.

Dashboard & Alarm Integration: In a digital age when all of our devices are connected to the internet, shouldn’t your facility’s controls be just as easily accessible? Our system allows operators to view the operations at each of their locations from any device, anywhere. Most users do not know how to read the alarms on their controllers or identify how severe the problem actually is. Our graphical site layouts are a valuable management tool, providing more visibility into the each facilities operations making it easier to manage and support.

Control Upgrades, Installation and Support

Do you need a partner who can make sense of the existing facility control system so that make informed decisions? Are you planning a remodel or new location and need help designing a facility control solution? We are a full service facility control engineering firm, designing, installing and supporting refrigeration, HVAC and lighting control solutions. We provide facility control assessments to help make sense of what you already have or will work with your team to design a new system.