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Fast, flexible restaurant management suite.Compared with its competitors, eRestaurant is innovative, better designed, startlingly faster, vastly more powerful and has more flexible integrations with third-party POS systems and accounting software.


Create Universal Forecast to Predict Business Needs

eRestaurant takes the guesswork out of forecasting.
eRestaurant combines your restaurant’s square footage, number of parking spaces, store location and other attributes, and adds in the last few weeks of performance to build a basic forecast. Then eRestaurant’s proprietary algorithm factors in weather, last year’s performance, seasonality, local store events, corporate events and more to create a unique sales forecast for each restaurant.

No lengthy learning curve to slow you down.
eRestaurant is easy to learn and use. Familiar button ribbons make navigation intuitive, and the quick navigation menu gets you to the most critical functions in a single click.

Never be caught short on inventory again! 

Order the right quantities of food and non-perishables at the right time.
The universal forecast, combined with your product mix, lets you know the right quantities of food to order for the week, and ensures the correct amount of non-perishables are on hand to meet customer demands.

Know What to Prep and Pull
With an intelligent forecast built on 15 minute increments, combined with consistent prep and pull task lists, it’s easy to know what’s needed at any given day part. With eRestaurant, you eliminate the waste of over-preparing and ensure you’ve prepped enough to meet demands.

Accurate and Fast Inventory Control
eRestaurant’s inventory count sheets are laid out in ‘shelf to sheet’ format to speed the process and ensure nothing is missed. Use Mobile Inventory to take inventory on your tablet and cut the time it takes in half to get accurate inventory results.

Item Usage Analysis
Managers can save thousands of dollars by easily identifying inventory problems and resolving them quickly. Waste can also be tracked with reason codes assigned for spillage, spoilage and such.

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