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  1. Central repository for personnel information
  2. Effective management of employee data from joining to separation and beyond
  3. Better servicing through online MIS and timely/ accurate payroll/ claims disbursal
  4. No repetitive work
  5. Reduce employee queries
  6. Avoid human errors
  7. Strict compliance to HR policies and procedures
  8. Interface with the Accounting software


  1. Effective Management of Employee Data from
  2. Joining to Separation & Beyond
  3. Self Service Oriented Offering to reduce employee queries
  4. Rugged Payroll engine for efficient processing
  5. Architecture supporting future scalability and maintainability
  6. Enterprise Class state of art technology
  7. Anytime, Anywhere Availability
  8. Easy Deployment, Cost Effective, Subscription based
  9. Flexible Licensing – Perpetual; SaaS; PaaS
  10. Multi-Dimensional Access Rights Control
    • At each Functionality Menu level
    • At Data level – Department Group, Cost Center, Location, Level based data access
  11. Firm security controlling unauthorized access from front-end and back-end

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