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Quotation Software a specialized software exclusively developed to create, revise/modify, monitor, submit and track complex quotations suitable for any industry. The software empowers the sales team to increase their productivity and achieve more sales by the simplified proposal processes accessible anywhere 24×7. 


Software Features

  • Unlimited user creation and access.
  • Add enquiry, assign, and generate quote / proforma invoice and sale order.
  • Real-time updation of sales activity in Dashboard for easy reference and planning.
  • Create your own Product groups, Product Sub-groups, and products with customised specifications.
  • Predefined roles give specific users exclusive views of sales activity and order pipeline.
  • Receive enquiry, create, deliver, manage and submit your Quote through a user-friendly Web interface 24X7.
  • Assign ownership of enquiries and track follow-up until sales is achieved. Generate quote with common discount, without discount and with item wise discount. Fix discount by Percentage or Value.
  • Send quotes as pdf attachments via email. Upload your own company’s logo to be displayed in the quotation PDF.
  • Revise quotes as many times as you need.
  • Easy access to previous quote, product price and discount offered to each customer.
  • Complete control on current flow of quotes and its status.
  • Set reminder follow-up calls and alert actions.
  • Update order details and generate performance report by executive, team, and product wise.
  • Office Location : Mumbai

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