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eFileCabinet is a sophisticated, yet simple, electronic document management solution to help organizations capture, manage, and protect data.Over time, eFileCabinet has evolved into a sophisticated but simple electronic document management solution designed to help organizations capture, manage, and protect their data regardless of their industry.


Document Management Software for the Office

Think of how much information and data flows through your office on a given day. Whether it takes the form of “old-fashioned” sheets of paper or electronic documents, it can be extremely difficult to manage all of this information efficiently. And the problem only gets worse as your company grows and the sheer volume of documents increases accordingly.

If you have yet to implement an effective document management system for your business, your team is most likely not operating at peak efficiency. You’re also probably not providing the best possible service to your customer base.

The Need for a Reliable Office Management Software Solution

The most efficient small- and medium-size businesses don’t rely on outdated paper filing systems to manage their business documents. Instead, they use integrated document management software to handle the task. These office software solutions can capture, store, manage, share, and protect your paper and electronic documents, all with one easy-to-use system. They’re ideal for any business that is looking to increase efficiency by making the transition to a paperless workplace.

Software for Document Management Saves Money

If you go through endless amounts of paper reams in your office, you’ll appreciate how much money you can save by going paperless with the help of office management software. It’s not just the reduction in the paper flow that will lower your costs, but the ability to scan incoming documents into a computer and then recycle them will also decrease your storage expenses. The costs associated with ink purchases and printer repairs will also virtually disappear.

Gain Much-Needed Storage Space

By using office management software to scan your existing business documents and store them on your desktop computers or in the cloud, you’ll get rid of file cabinets and the stacks of paper that are taking up precious space in your facility. Areas that were once designated for storage can now be used for more productive purposes such as creating more desk or office space. Your office will also look much more presentable and professional to your clients and visitors.

Increase Office Productivity

An integrated software document management software solution is designed to operate in conjunction with commonly used business office systems such as Microsoft Office, Salesforce and Intuit QuickBooks. This allows you and your team to multitask with greater efficiency and spend less time on unproductive administrative activities.

Think of how much more revenue your sales staff could generate if they can focus on selling instead of managing and organizing a mountain of files! Any document can be accessed with just a few mouse clicks or keystrokes, which can help your team be more productive and efficient over the course of a day.

Facilitate File Transferring and Sharing

Sending a document by regular or even express mail not only takes time, but it also makes your company look outdated to customers and prospects. Even faxing is a technology that is rapidly becoming obsolete. The 21st century method of sharing and transferring files involves using office management software to scan them and send them electronically. Instead of telling a customer they’ll receive it by mail in a couple of days, you can send it by email attachment so they can receive it instantly.

Avoid Security Breaches

We’ve all heard horror stories about confidential documents that are not picked up promptly from printers or fax machines and ultimately fall into the wrong hands. Using software for document management can eliminate this leading cause of security breaches, since documents can be transmitted electronically without the need for paper. Top-quality office management software also features data encryption capabilities and is compliant with FINRA, HIPAA and SEC regulations.

Who Can Benefit by Using Integrated Document Management Software?

Software for document management is an affordable solution that can offer a substantial return on your investment in the form of increased productivity and lower operating costs. It can benefit just about any type of small- to medium-size business entity, organization or professional service provider including:

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