Edumarshal School ERP software is comprehensive school management system which automates schools and educational institutions.


Introduction to Edumarshal

The Edumarshal ERP modules have been planned and streamlined to robotize student related data and procedures. The board of numerous division functioning is one of the numerous features of this school automation software . To offer simple communication, student progress monitor, and safety of students, this school software connects schools to guardians and students.

Why Edumarshal School ERP Software?

  1. Thorough student data and profile management.
  2. Finances and fee management with proven security.
  3. Need for accuracy in institution constraints.
  4. Messages conveyed to parents through the SMS web portal.
  5. Less manual work to almost NIL.
  6. Increased demands for resource management.
  7. Results, Exam Schemes and Attendance etc. to be shared on a real time basis with parents and students.
  8. It will connect different departments and Sub-Divisions.