Education ERP


Profmax Education ERP is built on latest technology to automate school, college, and university. This is best student information management system.


Introduction to Education ERP

Our Education ERP has been created after an inside and out examination of the necessities of different educational institutions. The basic role of this school management system is to give instruments to automated processing and management of the whole organization. It diminishes information blunder and guarantees that data is overseen proficiently and is dependably up to date.

Benefits of education ERP

  1. Enhances access to exact and opportune data
  2. Upgrades work process, expands effectiveness, and diminishes dependence on paper
  3. Fixes controls and computerizes email alerts
  4. Gives easy to understand Web-based interfaces
  5. Streamlines procedures and facilitates selection of best business rehearses
  6. Builds up an establishment for new frameworks and incorporates existing frameworks

Core Module

  1. Human Resource Management (HRM)
  2. Payroll Management
  3. Accounts Management
  4. Inventory Management
  5. Events Management
  6. Meeting Management
  7. Hostel Management
  8. Library Management