Eclipse Recruitment Manager


Eclipse recruitment manager offers the best in class on-premise or cloud recruitment software for recruitment agencies in the UK and globally.


Introduction to Eclipse Recruitment Manager

Eclipse Recruitment Manager 4 is comprehensive end-to-end on-premise or in the cloud recruitment software solution with integrated functionality that facilitates the complete recruitment-to-invoice process for temporary, contract and permanent recruitment alike. It perfectly  integrates with your recruitment agencies website and a choice of accounting software to complete your entire back office requirements.

Features of Eclipse Recruitment Manager

Candidate CRM

  1. Candidate employment and location preferences
  2. 12 month calendar display for temporary worker availability by day or custom shift patterns
  3. Record all interactions within the contact log, diary and task management tools
  4. Candidate contact details and social media information
  5. Temporary candidate payroll and financial information, and live AWR clocks
  6. Compliance right to work and onboarding document storage and tracking
  7. Preferred clients and vacancy recording and shortlisting
  8. Candidate industry, disciplines, skills and pipeline progression
  9. Candidate education and employment history
  10. Batch CV parsing from email and comprehensive CV management

Client CRM

  1. Invoicing preferences and AWR allocation
  2. Multi client record branching and financial reporting
  3. Create agreed client rate cards or allocate a client to agreed framework and PSL rate cards
  4. Record client contacts and their preferred candidate profiles
  5. Record your potential and acquired clients by industry sectors and buying preferences
  6. Record all interactions within the contact log, diary and task management tools
  7. Candidate shortlisting