Restaurant management system (E-Restro) is the system for manage the restaurant business. The project is developing because; many restaurants have a lot difficult to manage the business such as customer ordering and reservation table. By using manual customer ordering is difficult to waiter keep the correct customer information and maybe loss the customer information.


Key Benefits

  1. Reduced Revenue Leakage.
  2. Faster and Smoother.
  3. Increased Automation for faster service.
  4. Optimized use of manpower.
  5. Increased customer delight (SMS).
  6. Gets you free by enabling your restaurant to function without you.

Key Features

  1. Remote KOT printing.
  2. Hand-held order tracking
  3. Integrated guest history
  4. Table layout & reservation
  5. Controlled production cost
  6. Data lock security
  7. Day opening/Day closing feature




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