DynAMo®​ Operations


DynAMo Operations Management minimizes process deviations and violations of integrity operating windows to improve throughput and asset availability through defined production envelopes.  Communication within your operating team is improved by effectively setting, tracking and monitoring operating instructions and capturing observations during the shift in an electronic logbook.  


 It is designed to:

  • capture notes and comments from the operations team during the shift

  • compile a configurable shift summary report

  • enable efficient searching for valuable information recorded in a previous shift.

DynAMo Operations Logbook provides the information necessary for the operations team to help ensure the facility is always operated within the right limits and each new team of operators fully understands what is happening and what activities remain to be done. In addition, its intuitive user interface reduces training requirements and helps operators find the required information with minimal navigation.

DynAMo Operations Logbook can substantially eliminate the deficiencies of current electronic logbooks and improve shift handover effectiveness. Benefits include:

  • Reduced number and severity of incidents

  • Better safety and environmental compliance

  • Increased production through learning from and avoiding incidents

  • Automatic documentation of the plant state for shift handover

  • Simple collection and maintenance of plant know-how

  • Better identification of weak points and opportunities for optimization.

Honeywell’s DynAMo Operations Monitoring enables operations teams to keep the process in safe and profitable operating zones. Benefits include:

  • Reduced number and severity of process upsets

  • Reduced operating and maintenance costs

  • Better safety and environmental compliance

  • Increased operating margins.

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