Digital Classroom


Our digital content for smart class room is available from classes KG to 10th for all subject. state-of-the-art infrastructure and professionally developed content under the guidance and supervision of experts from former NCERT and SCERT professors. It is simply plug and play and no technical knowledge is required for teachers to use. is currently present in more than 500+ schools across India and Abroad.


Key Features

  1. Top Quality innovative, interactive Multimedia Content For Class KG to 10th for All Subjects
  2. Cover All subjects, Around 1000+ Topics, 500+ activities, 1000+ Lesson
  3. Appox 500 Hours of Learning
  4. 2D & 3D Animations
  5. Smart Learning Modules
  6. Assessment Centre
  7. Game-based Support Activities
  8. No network, No technical Knowledge Required
  9. Simply Plug & Play
  10. Get smart class on pen drive or DVD