Delta Sales CRM


Delta sales CRM software is designed for individual and companies to manage their leads, sales pipelines, customers helping to close more deals and automate business.


Introduction to Delta Sales CRM

Delta Sales CRM is a comprehensive sales life cycle management software that helps you manage Leads, Customers, Invoices, Sales Activities all in a single platform.

Key Features of Delta Sales CRM

  1. Manage leads
  2. Leads status
  3. Manage contact details
  4. Customizable pipelines
  5. Product management
  6. Activities and reminders
  7. Activities assignment
  8. Google calendar integration
  9. Email conversations integrated
  10. Web forms
  11. Invoicing and payments
  12. Manage customer relationship
  13. Roles and permissions
  14. Detailed reports
  15. Upload documents
  16. Analytics