Delta Sales App


Delta Sales App is a platform that helps us record every data in one place – the store name, their location marked in the map, our products, daily transactions.


Introduction to Delta Sales App

Delta Sales App is industry leading Sales Force Automation software designed for manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors to streamline their field sales activities and to accelerate sales.

Key Features of Delta Sales App

  1. Order Reporting
  2. Payment Collection Management
  3. Field Reps Tracking & Measure Travel Distance
  4. Attendance & Leaves Management
  5. Product Management
  6. Parties/Customer Management
  7. Customer Visit Tracking
  8. Beat Planning
  9. Tour Plan
  10. Field Expense Reporting
  11. Stock Taking
  12. Assign Activities & Sales Target
  13. Party Location Mapping
  14. Custom Forms
  15. Announcements
  16. Distributor Panel
  17. Direct Customer Order
  18. File Sharing with Field Team
  19. Field Sales Team Performance
  20. Field Force Management
  21. Add Remarks & Daily Work Logs
  22. Automated Reports & Analytics
  23. App Works Offline