Data Refinery™


Data Refinery™ is a suite of software products that captures and refines data in real-time into use for the destination engine. It integrates to all digital data sources and consolidates multiple domains and systems into a single point of control. Data Refinery™ handles massive data loads, manages complex event processing and hides the technical complexity between the northbound and southbound elements.


Key benefits

Operate with excellence

Reliable, robust and resilient powerhouse for any type of data processing. Makes your data-driven operations run smooth as silk.

Integrate with freedom

Deal with the technology, vendor or OTT player of your choice: Data Refinery integrates to all environments with its over 1000 interfaces.

Data into a purpose

Refines fast raw data of any format and from any source into a purpose: to be stored, to be sent to the destination engine within millisecods, to be visualized. Online, offline and hybrid data processing – all supported.

Consolidate to control

Consolidate disperse and numerous systems silos and data centers even in multi-country deployments into a single point of control. Save massively on Total Cost of Ownership and operational costs.

Manage complexity

Manage exploding data loads with built-in complex event processing for the telco and enterprise. Hides the technical complexity between the network and OSS/BSS layers through a unifying processing layer. Communicates northbound and southbound.

Build data streams

Build & manage data streams with an easy to use UI. Select how to capture & refine and where to send the data. Online, offline or in batches.

360º customer profile

Build a 360º customer profile from diverse data sources and make it available for business systems, analytics and Fastermind.

Expand beyond telco

Naturally expands to data integration, digital service monetization and real-time customer engagement beyond the telco domain.

Deploy to ground or cloud

Supports traditional and hybrid hardware deployments or cloud for added agility, new businesses models and new revenue streams.

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