Customer Complaints Management


Newgen customer complaints management solution offers a single unified Case management based framework that can assist in capturing, recording, tracking, escalation and resolution of complaints throughout the organization. It helps in facilitating collaboration among departments at the same time as imparting a single view of individual cases for efficient decision making and prompt action.


Key Features of Newgen Customer Complaints Solution

Flexible and agile platform

  1. Case Management Framework is built atop BPM, DMS and CCM core
  2. Case Management lends flexibility to the solution
  3. Underlying BPM core makes the solution agile

Manage content and data seamlessly

  1. Multi-capture intake and archival of content
  2. Unified case file interface for access to data and documents
  3. Creates secured vault of information

Gain insights for smarter and informed decisions

  1. Access to contextual information during the decision process
  2. Powerful Rules Engine for making decisions and adjusting to process fluctuations
  3. Get real time ad hoc reports and case pattern

Ensure better compliance

  1. Routing of cases based on the nature of complaint, SLA and regulatory adherence
  2. Capture audit trails & logs

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