CreatrixCampus is cloud based ERP Software to manage higher educational system. This School software will integrte CRM, SIS and LMS in one.


Introduction to CreatrixCampus

CreatrixCampus is a flagship school erp software developed by Anubavam LLC, headquartered in San Antonio, Texas with a development center in Chennai , India.

Why choosing CreatrixCampus

  1. Our extensive suite of solutions covers everything from Admissions to Accreditation. You can look over a scope of arrangements like LMS, SIS, OBE, Chatbots etc.
  2. An entirely adaptable framework that incorporates consistently with different programming including third party integration. Customization of work flows, scheduling, educational modules, everything on a click.
  3. Creatrix offers arrangements that is really present day and in-incline with the Global advancement of Education.
  4. Integrate more than 500+ distinctive applications, programming and tools permitting a solitary stage platform.
  5. Access from any gadget. Mobile  friendly solutions enable you to access whenever you are.
  6. Stay in contact with staff, students and organization. Be informed instantly and share your thoughts on activity wall.

Modules of CreatrixCampus


  1. Recruitment
  2. Admissions & Enrollment
  3. Attendance
  4. Assessments
  5. Placement
  6. Alumni & Fundraising
  7. Learning Management System
  8. Course Evaluation


  1. Outcome Based Education
  2. Competency Based Education
  3. Curriculum Management
  4. Scheduling
  5. Exams
  6. Accreditation
  7. Student Information System
  8. Faculty Management System