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Founded in 2003, CPG has grown from a startup to $10+ million Technology Services Company. We believe in Integrity and Fairplay and that is one of our key values and differentials from other service providers. We live by the maxim ‘Every Second Counts’ At CPG, people, products and processes converge to create compelling, high-value, low-cost solutions in record time. We measure our success in terms of the value we provide to our customers and the extent to which we contribute in helping our customers achieve their ROI goals and competitive advantage.


  •User Friendly
  •Highly Reliable and Globally Accessible Web Based Application
  •Information can be imported from existing legacy systems
  •Can be integrated with Smart cards, Biometric readers, RFID technology
  •The most flexible and interactive scheduling package for education Institutions
  •A truly scalable web -based ERP for education Institutions available.
  •Extremely secure, login authenticated system.
  •Accelerating and expand communications with email reports.
  •Integrates key functions of finance, payroll and fee collection.
  •Zero data redundancy – uses centralized Single student and employee database for school administration, library, and Payroll and fee collection.
  •Quick & streamlined flow of Information
  •Performance evaluation of students and teachers
  •Encompass the best practices and offers
  •Reduces reliance on paper
  •Increased transparency & flexibility
  •Improved Decision-Making Capability
  •Reduced Business process Cycle Time
  •Increased Productivity

Office Location – Hyderabad

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