ONTAQUE™ accompanies a powerful, accurate, and flexible Answering Machine Detection, a must have tool to survive today’s ferocious correspondences market.NGUCC delivers a world-class application that automates the handling of calls.



  1. Unified Solution to take care of all channels of communication like voiceCalls, SMS email & Chat.
  2. Better control of Contact center Operations through cradle to grave reporting.
  3. High agent productivity through better connect ratio, AMD & answer Supervision.
  4. Dynamic call flow generation by IVR designer and call transfer algorithms
  5. Unlimited Campaigns calling list and users.
  6. Upgradeability from 0 to any number of Seats ensuring Investment Protection.
  7. Compliance to statutory requirements for USA Telemarketing & Indian DNC laws, Also Includes new mobile norms in USA.
  8. Can have Digital Analog & IP Phones Softphones & PBX extensions.
  9. Ability to integrate any third party web CRM through the provided APIs.
  10. Support for USA and India including the new like Telemarketing, Collection, Insurance, Service Travel & real estate Sector.
  11. Multiple database Support like Oracle , PostgreSQL to enable integration to existent databases.
  12. Complete Blending available for Outbound and Inbound at the same time.

CONTAQUE™ comes with a powerful, accurate, and flexible Answering Machine Detection, a must have tool to survive today’s cutthroat communications market.

  1. Highly adaptive in nature with auto pacing
  2. It is possible to run a multisite contact center from a centralized database.
  3. All DB like posgreSQL and Oracle are available.
  4. Inbound calling and callback gets priority over outbound calls.
  5. Skill wise outbound and inbound call campaign dialing.
  6. User friendly GUI for server extensions, carrier configuration, users, roles etc. Roles creation for web manager and admin.
  7. Accept/ Reject and Autoanswer feature on agent exe.
  8. Agent can retransfer the call to main IVR menu.
  9. Automatic time zone checking.
  10. Predictive dialer, IVR Design, ACD, Voice Logger, Voice Broadcast.
  11. Unlimited Campaigns , Call Popup.
  12. Real-Time statistics & reporting, Graphical Reporting.
  13. Remote monitoring, Barging and Quality Monitoring.
  14. Web call back, SMS call back, DNC Filter.
  15. Blended campaign for inbound and outbound.
  16. Customer number display on agent exe.
  17. Separate conference number for each skill.



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