Real Asset Management’s CMMS – computerised maintenance management software manages all processes in the maintenance cycle of an asset. Combining efficient maintenance processes with improved stock management drives down costs and improves both reliability and customer service.


Key Features

  1. Multi-company, multi-currency and multi-lingual if required.
  2. Provides complete information on asset status, history and location for audit trail purposes.
  3. Standard interfaces are provided to spreadsheet packages and many of the leading Finance/ERP systems.
  4. A single input screen is provided for the fast addition and update of assets.
  5. Assets can be arranged in hierarchies, identifying parent/child relations and dependencies.
  6. Transaction types include full and partial disposals, transfers, enhancements, cost adjustments, relifes, revaluations and splits.
  7. Standard and user-definable depreciation methods can be applied by asset, asset group and period of account. Costs are retained for historical periods and automatically calculated for current and future periods as required.
  8. The audit file holds a history of all user actions, identifying which records were affected and the before/after detail.
  9. Electronic document management for the fast retrieval of associated files.
  10. Improve asset acquisition, utilisation and disposal processes with one version of the truth.
  11. Avoid oversights by creating automated alerts for key events such as insurance renewal, warranty expiry or replacement date.




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