Cohaereō | Web-based Inventory and Asset Management


Cohaereō is a GIS based asset management system for the telecom and utility industry. Encompassing planning, design, operations and management of various telecom and utility assets, it helps to increase sales productivity while optimising total cost of ownership.


Manage assets and inventory with our powerful spatial applications.

Cohaereō is built on Pitney Bowes Spectrum technology. It’s designed to help assemble data — including spatial — from various sources. It’s strong visualisation features display the assets in a user friendly spatial view. The assets’ attributes can be modified based on design requirements.

Simple, effective, 360° Asset Management

Planning is a critical aspect of any large infrastructure rollout. Cohaereō is designed to empower operations by giving them the insights to make informed decisions for the complete infrastructure asset lifecycle. The planning and design features help optimise design and enable the user to generate a bill of materials. The designs are used in installing various network assets and are essential in building the documentation of various network equipment, devices and elements. There are a number of features for operations and management to help maximise monetisation from infrastructure investment.

End-to-end management of multi-vendor multi-technology networks

It supports multi-vendor, type, model and technology of any active and passive network element. Super Users can manage network elements of any vendor and any technology on the fly.

With Cohaereō, one size does fit all.

Cohaereō is modular, allowing you to choose what you need.

Powerful search features

Cohaereō  provides optimised search on different network layers. It also has advanced capabilities to search network entities with wild card search capability.


Cohaereō is deployed and proven to handle a network size of 5,000km to 200,000km.

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