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Cogent is the intelligent choice for collections and case management, delivering the efficiencies and speed you need to manage and grow your business. Cogent enables collection agencies and law firms to manage the complexity of today’s collection industry with flexible, rule-centric workflow tools that simplify the management of intricate collection and legal processes without the need for costly custom programming.


Key Benefits

  1. Highly scalable
  2. Improves productivity
  3. Simplifies document management
  4. Powerful inventory control
  5. True cost savings with greater flexibility

Key Features

Simplified Document Management 
From creating and printing high numbers of documents to scanning and managing incoming client information, Cogent’s Document Manager lets you generate and maintain the documents you need with ease. In addition to time-saving templates, Document Manager includes integrated check-scanning features, which drastically reduce the amount of time it takes to post thousands of payments. Documents generated from Cogent are automatically stored and easily accessed through real-time links.

Powerful Rules Engine
Cogent’s Rules Engine helps you maintain account accuracy and consistency and reduce the risk of human error and delay with more than 750 conditions and 150 actions that help you define, evaluate and perform processes. Cogent’s Rules Engine delivers instant return on investment by allowing you to create and maintain multiple customizable workflows – including user-defined intelligent system tasks that are enforced on specific segments of your claim inventory. With Cogent, you can update work queues in real time, while prioritizing your most profitable accounts.

Easy On-boarding
Cogent reduces import processes from hours to minutes. With a sophisticated “discard” process, properly formatted placements are imported and those with errors are discarded. After corrections are made, the entire file can be re-imported and Cogent will process the corrected placements while ignoring the previously imported files.

Third-Party Interfaces
Cogent offers unique third-party interfaces with selected business partners. “SMART” interfaces apply intelligence and specialized business processes to your collections process to help reduce costs with accurate and efficient inventory management.

Integrated Court Calendar
With Cogent’s integrated court calendar, you’ll eliminate the need to maintain docket information in a separate system. Cogent can even calculate the Statutes of Limitations—for all 50 states.

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