ClientTether is a fully automated CRM and lead engagement automation software with powerful communication and estimation tools, multi-location.


Introduction to ClientTether

ClientTether offers you Fully Integrated Email, Phone & SMS Communication.We automate and simplify your sales process so you can increase client retention, deepen customer relationships, and track sales cycles.

Key Features of ClientTether

  1. Create automated engagement campaigns
  2. Communicate with clients in real-time
  3. Call, text, or email with a personalized touch
  4. Automate internal communications to coordinate client needs
  5. Automated UI tracks client interactions
  6. Automated outbound calls and tracking
  7. Manage, place, and close
  8. Collect invoices, manage payments, and more
  9. Track sales, lead follow-up, progress through sales cycles, and lead attribution through our dashboarding tools
  10. Manage internal output and team performance
  11. Quickly see/understand needs of clients
  12. Real-time task manager keeps your team up-to-date and action-driven.
  13. Visual pipelines
  14. Call center
  15. Easy-to-connect API
  16. Chat tools
  17. Open API Integrations