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Celoxis’ advanced features help enterprises streamline management of projects, time sheets, expenses and business processes, specific to their organization. Celoxis handles planning, delegation, collaboration, tracking and reporting with great ease, addressing real-life project management complexities across project lifecycle.


Advanced, yet easy

Celoxis’ advanced features address the real-world complexities of managing projects across organizations and functions; it excels at planning, delegation, collaboration, tracking and reporting with great agility and user-friendliness. Everything you expect from your online project management tool and more!

Cloud or On-Premise

Celoxis ppm software is available both in SaaS and On-Premise deployment options. Choose what suits your business needs the best. You can always start with SaaS and then move to On-Premise project management software.

Top-notch support

Our obsession for customer satisfaction drives our support philosophy. With easy to use training resources and a highly qualified support team, we make sure you get everything you need with our web-based project management tool.


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