Canteen Management Software


A unique solution designed for big set-ups which offers dining facility in their canteen. Canteen Management System helps to work seamlessly the dining facility without any hassle. It reduces the worry of unauthorized usage of canteen facility. This software helps to automate the canteen facility and makes it transparent.


Advantages of having this type of system are:

  1. This system maintain the record of the employee like , which item he take at lunch time or any other time and the cost of the each item and total amount of all item.
  2. This system maintains the record of employee current balance amount.
  3. This system maintains record of the employee transaction.
  4. This system check the balance of the employee before giving permission to take any item .If the balance available then it give permission to take the item otherwise denied.

Some additional Unique features:-

  1. User can pay the credit amount online through this software
  2. Credit limit of any employee can be increased or decreased according to the profile or designation
  3. Once credit limit is over, one cannot place order unless due amount is not paid
  4. Fully automized canteen management
  5. Huge experience of maintaining the data of canteen management
  6. Daily/Weekly/Monthly itemwise reports
  7. Prepaid/Postpaid option for employees

Office Location -Delhi

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