Cafeteria Management Software


Super efficient canteen management was never so easy. Eliminate meal time chaos at the company cafeteria / canteen. Reduce wait time at the order desk, enable hassle free transactions for employees each time.


Dyne:Cafeteria Highlights

  • Easily manage cafeteria operations for 5000+ employees
  • Reduced waiting time at the cafeteria improves employee productivity
  • Meal payment cycle completion within seconds
  • Instant reconcilation of contractors invoice / monthly statement
  • Easily track the usage of subsidized meal / snack programs
  • Track cafeteria usage by outsiders / visitors
  • Trouble free cash management
  • Turnkey installation available

How Cashless Cafeteria Management Works

  • Cafeteria users (employees) are issued a cafeteria card
  • Employees will ‘charge’ the card by paying a spendable amount at a card charging counter
  • On each cafeteria visit, employees can place orders to the extent of balance loaded on the card.
  • On order placement, the billable amount is deducted from the card.
  • The employee can keep placing orders till spendable balance is available
  • After exhaustion of spendable balance, the employee recharges the card at recharge counter.
  • Optional addons allow the employee to place orders and recharge from their own desk
  • Lost cards can be deactivated
  • A refund on the spendable balance can be obtained at the recharge counter if desired.

Dyne Cafeteria Edition Features

  • Supports keyboard based and touch based operations
  • Can work with generic magnetic swipe cards or company’s existing employee cards
  • Flexibility in defining daily cafeteria menu
  • Optional material management (inventory) module also available
  • Process departmental orders placed on the cafeteria
  • Geared to work with peak rush hour loads
  • Detailed analytical reports on item sales / cafeteria usage / time-wise cafeteria usage

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