Axestrack is a fast growing brand ventured by a passionate team from world’s most eminent institutions. We are dedicated to the field of GPS based vehicle tracking solutions and its exhaustive data analytics. Proficient in providing valuable solutions, we cater to diverse clients from all verticals. Our aim is to set benchmarks in GPS industry in terms of imparting avant-garde solutions, high quality services, and ceaseless support to our customers.



If you want to check out the current location of your vehicle including the progress in route details or if you want to keep track of all the locations that your vehicle has traversed in a certain period of time or if you want to check the deviations that your vehicle took from the specified route or you want to receive alerts whenever your vehicle travels through any of the restricted routes or you want a single dashboard to check all the parameters relevant to your vehicle journey, then you have come to the right place. Axestrack’s Route Module is the one stop solution to address all the above said issues and much more.


At the time when fuel prices are accentuating every day, fuel issues have become one of the top challenges for all the transport providers. Imprecise routes, faulty driving, fuel pilferage, etc are some of many reasons leading to more fuel consumption and additional costs. An outright fuel management solution can help you address such issues, thus saving on fuel and improving on profits.


Constant monitoring and maintenance are the pre requisites while transporting perishable goods over long durations. Axestrack provides a complete solution dedicated to the refrigerated transport industry sector providing real-time temperature and location information throughout the transport and storage time. It is indispensable in ensuring a safe and dependable cool-chain and ensures you are alerted the moment a temperature of the chamber goes out of the threshold value. In fact it monitors all aspects of the performance of the fridge unit.


In today’s time where a huge number of devices are involved in every process, monitoring each and every one might become a bit cumbersome. Sensors are installed on these devices such as AC, engine, generators, etc to monitor their usage and improve upon their efficiency. Data received from these sensors is then translated into a user friendly format