AVG PC TuneUp® Business Edition


Why waste your or your admin’s time on routine tasks? AVG PC TuneUp for Business does it all for you: Automatic Maintenance and integrated health and performance advisors help speed up and clean up your computers automatically.


Key Features

Automatic Maintenance & 1-Click Maintenance
All Windows® systems need regular health and performance inspections: AVG’s Automatic Maintenance fixes and helps optimize 6 core operating system areas.

Health & Performance Advisors
Our PC Performance and PC Health advisors constantly check for dozens of problems, such as missing drivers, hard disk problems, incorrect settings, and performance bottlenecks and often times offer 1-click fixes.

Performance Monitoring
Check your monthly Optimization Report to learn all about the optimizations that have been performed on your PC clients.

Significantly Higher Performance
Patented Program Deactivator technology automatically turns off resource-draining background activity that slow down your PCs– and your business!

Better Responsiveness & Speed
Had enough of lags and loading times at work? Live Optimization’s algorithms intelligently and automatically focus your processing power on the task at hand.

Lightening-Fast Startup Time
Gone are the times you could drink a coffee in the morning while waiting for your PC to start up. AVG PC TuneUp’s Startup Manager is the key.

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